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Tandara Q Bulls

All DAZ P Bulls sold.  We now have Q bulls on offer. Over 20 to pick from - by leading sires, Deer Valley All In, Bartel E7, Black Onyx, Traction, Legend, EWA High Weigh. Many of these bulls are suitable for heifers including the top 2 bulls - DAZQ14 & DAZQ19 (by Deer Valley) All bulls are well handled & have outstanding temperament. To be offered on AuctionsPlus October 30.   Bulls will be fertility tested on October 17 and a new supplementary sheet will be on the website October 19. Don't miss an opportunity to view the Bulls at our Open Day on 24th October from 9.00 am - 1.00 pm     Free Freight up to 500 kms for any combined order of 10 Bulls or more For Supplementary info and data Sheets see here.  
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Latest Stud Sire
Stud News

Latest Stud Sire

Tandara purchased the top priced bull at the Kempsey Bull Sale for $10,600. This young sire, PROQ192, born 5.1.19 weighed 748 kgs at 19 months of age, giving him an average daily weight gain of 1.29 kgs. He is an A.I.(E.T.) calf sired by E.F.Complement & out of Vermont Dream CCVD395 Cow. He is +4 birthweight,+58 200 day; +106 400 day; +152  600 day; + 22 milk. +114 mature cow weight; +4.1 scrotal; +4.4 EMA; +2.2 IMF; Positive for Rib Fat at +0.7; +2.2 Rump Fat. This bull has excellent temperament & very good feet. He will be used on our stud heifers this year after they are A.I.'d. EBV
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Our Stud Sires

Farrer NFS M17 was purchased by Tandara Angus at the Farrer 2018 on-property Sale in June.
He is by Te Mania Hosken H681 out of a Bartel E7 daughter.
M17 was used on our heifers after their AI program but also had to back up on cows when our Docklands bull injured his hip in late November 2018.

M17 is 5.1 for birthweight with growth of +55+99+139.

Mature cow weight of 110
+22 for milk +2.5 scrotal + 7.8 EMA & +2 IMF.

His first calves were born September – October 2019


In June 2016 Tandara Angus Stud purchased the top priced bull, NFS K60 at the Farrer Angus On-Property Sale.
This sire is by Carabar Docklands D62 and out of a Te Mania Berkley x Farrer Expensive female.
K60 grew into a large framed heavily muscled bull with excellent feet.
His birthweight is 6.7 with growth of +61 +110 +156, mature cow weight +137. Scrotal 2.8, EMA 6.3 IMF 2 & +20 for milk.
His progeny have been outstanding with both females & bulls.
His bulls were well sought after at last year’s sale and there will be 5 bulls by K60 in the sale this year.
K60 and his progeny have outstanding temperament.

About Tandara

Tandara has traded in stud animals since 1992, we were originally located on the Breeza Plain and specialised in Tandara White Suffolks. We started breeding Angus Bulls at the same time and have worked hard on the genetics of both breeds ever since.

Our White Suffolk stud was instrumental in improving the quality of fat lamb production as many Australian farmers moved from Wool focussed production to fat lamb production. White suffolks are now established as a very popular choice for sheep meat production, and many flocks trace their genetics back to Tandara.

With our move to Dorrigo in 2010 our focus moved more exclusively to the Angus Stud side of our enterprise, not least becasue the country their is best suited to Cattle rather than sheep. Through the challenges of Drought and Fire we have been able to preserve the best of our herds genetics as well as maintain excellent genetics from external AI. Now, despite the challenges of Covid 19 we are ready to thrive, and help your enterprise thrive through better genetics and our long experience in providing stud bulls and cows that can provide the cornerstone of your herd as you also recover from the drought.

Whilst the restrictions due to Covid 19 remain in place we hope to make our new refurbished website a useful point for you to throroughly research your purchase. We will advise you as to the exact rules for inspections, delivery and pickups at the time as the rules are currently in a state of flux.

Best Regards

Godfrey and Irene Darling 

About Dorrigo

Dorrigo on the Northern Tablelands of NSW enjoys excellent rainfall most of the time, and has some rich agricultural land as well as spectacular scenery. 

For history and more see:
Dorrigo Tourist Centre

Bulls from our January 2020 Sale - thankfully the drought is over now

Angus Cattle Facts

Angus Cattle, as the name suggests, were developed in Scotland from stock known by that name that has been recorded since the 1600’s .

In the 1820’s , William McCombie of Tillyfour began the program of improvement and selective breeding that has led to the modern breed. he did so without sacrificing some of the characteristics of the Scottish breed such as their hardiness.

The breed was brought to Australia very early, with Angus cattle appearing in Tasmania in the 1820’s, and the southern mainland in in the 1840’s.

62,000 Angus Calves were registereed in 2010. Angus are also a very popular breed for composite herds.