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Return Buyer for Stud Heifers

Return Buyer for Stud Heifers

Seven Heifers for Peter Basford Seven heifers PTIC recently sold to Peter Basford at Lowanna, north of Coffs Harbour for $2800 + gst, as well as one Angus Stud bull. Peter previously purchased 4 stud heifers PTIC in May 2020. He was very pleased with the heifers and...

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Our Stud Sires

Tandara Stud Sire

Tandara purchased the top priced Bull from the Promised Land Stud at the Kempsey Bull Sale. This young sire PROQ192 born 5.1.19 & weighed 748 kgs at 19 mths of age, giving him an average daily weight gain of 1.29 kgs.

He is an A.I. (E.T.) calf sired by E.F.Complement & out of Vermont Dream CCVD395 cow. He is +4 for birthweight: +58 for 200 day; +106 for 400 day & 152 for 600 day. +22 for milk;
+114 Mature cow weight, +4.1 scrotal, +4.4 EMA, +2.2 IMF. Positive Rib Fat at +0.7, + 2.2 for rump fat.
This Bull has excellent temperament & very good feet.
He will be used on our heifers this year after they are A.I.’d.



In June 2016 Tandara Angus Stud purchased the top priced bull, NFS K60 at the Farrer Angus On-Property Sale.

This sire is by Carabar Docklands D62 and out of a Te Mania Berkley x Farrer Expensive female.
K60 grew into a large framed heavily muscled bull with excellent feet.
His birthweight is 6.7 with growth of +61 +110 +156, mature cow weight +137. Scrotal 2.8, EMA 6.3 IMF 2 & +20 for milk.
His progeny have been outstanding with both females & bulls.
His bulls were well sought after at last year’s sale and there will be 5 bulls by K60 in the sale this year.
K60 and his progeny have outstanding temperament.


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About Tandara

Tandara Angus Stud was established in 1992 with the Late Peter Duddy’s Mooki River cows on the fertile Breeza Plain, but Godfrey & Irene Darling focused their sights on the highly prized soil of the Dorrigo Plateau and in 2009 relocated.

Major pasture attention and rotational grazing together with working to genetic goals have shown rich rewards in our livestock today.

A history of critical assessment has given Tandara due reason for returning clients wanting more! Each animal, both male & female is checked regularly for weight gain, condition, temperament – a highly important issue – plus foot structure. Good feet are essential in any breeding system. When selecting bulls for the AI season, birth weight, growth rate milk, scrotal. EMA and marbling are the foremost considerations.

Throughout the years AI sires have shown a supreme influence in Tandara bloodlines, so meeting the different needs for clients’ herds progeny. Thunderbird, Ten Speed, Prophet, Legend, Comrade, Bartel & Traction are some sires who have contributed to the Angus that Tandara is producing today. Tandara’s sires in 2019 were Deer Valley All In, Bartel, Keystone, Phoenix, Traction & PowerPoint with Farrer M17 & The Promised Land Q192 being followers after the AI programs.

After the natural disasters of 2020 and cattle losses, many herds now are heifer based. This calls for a bull whose EBV shows a low birth weight with calving ease & maternal traits. All very important points in the quest for the right bull.

It is not difficult to be passionate about Angus cattle – they are good doers, have excellent temperament and very rewarding to handle

Rated J-BAS at level 7

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Angus Cattle Facts

Angus Cattle, as the name suggests, were developed in Scotland from stock known by that name that has been recorded since the 1600’s .

In the 1820’s , William McCombie of Tillyfour began the program of improvement and selective breeding that has led to the modern breed. he did so without sacrificing some of the characteristics of the Scottish breed such as their hardiness.

The breed was brought to Australia very early, with Angus cattle appearing in Tasmania in the 1820’s, and the southern mainland in in the 1840’s.

62,000 Angus Calves were registered in 2010. Angus are also a very popular breed for composite herds.