Godfrey Darling

Tandara Q Bulls

All DAZ P Bulls sold.  We now have Q bulls on offer.
Over 20 to pick from – by leading sires, Deer Valley All In, Bartel E7, Black Onyx,
Traction, Legend, EWA High Weigh.
Many of these bulls are suitable for heifers including the top 2 bulls – DAZQ14 & DAZQ19 (by Deer Valley) @ $8000 each + GST.

The balance are all priced at $6000 each + GST.

All bulls are well handled & have outstanding temperament.


Free Freight up to 500 kms for any combined order of 10 Bulls or more


Latest Stud Sire

Tandara purchased the top priced bull at the Kempsey Bull Sale for $10,600.
This young sire, PROQ192, born 5.1.19 weighed 748 kgs at 19 months of age, giving him an average daily weight gain of 1.29 kgs.
He is an A.I.(E.T.) calf sired by E.F.Complement & out of Vermont Dream CCVD395 Cow.
He is +4 birthweight,+58 200 day; +106 400 day; +152  600 day; + 22 milk. +114 mature cow weight; +4.1 scrotal; +4.4 EMA; +2.2 IMF;
Positive for Rib Fat at +0.7; +2.2 Rump Fat.
This bull has excellent temperament & very good feet.
He will be used on our stud heifers this year after they are A.I.’d.