Tandara Q Bulls

All DAZ P Bulls sold.  We now have Q bulls on offer.
Over 20 to pick from – by leading sires, Deer Valley All In, Bartel E7, Black Onyx,
Traction, Legend, EWA High Weigh.
Many of these bulls are suitable for heifers including the top 2 bulls – DAZQ14 & DAZQ19 (by Deer Valley)
All bulls are well handled & have outstanding temperament.

To be offered on AuctionsPlus October 30.  
Bulls will be fertility tested on October 17 and a new supplementary sheet will be on the website October 19.

Don’t miss an opportunity to view the Bulls at our Open Day on 24th October
from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm



Free Freight up to 500 kms for any combined order of 10 Bulls or more

For Supplementary info and data Sheets see here.