20 Stud Cows PTIC to DAZ21S17, joined from 2/11/23 – 20.12.23 and 20 calves (11 bulls & 9 heifers). All cows have exceptional temperament, good feet & udders.
Weight range 516 kgs – 722 kgs (average 625 kgs). DAZM6/DAZM9/DAZM14/DAZM13/DAZN11/DAZN31/DAZN14/DAZP8/DAZP18/
Cows are fully vaccinated for 7 in 1 & Pestigard.
Heifer calves (all with DAZ23 prefix) U6/U33/U34/U38/U43/U48/U54/U58/U75. (2 in the top 10% for Selection Index).
Bull calves (all with DAZ23 prefix) U10/U29/U41/U45/U46/U66/U67/U78/U80/U90/U96. (7 in the top 10% for Selection Index)
Weight range for 20 calves 194 -375 kgs average 271 kgs. Calves have exceptional temperament and are vaccinated 5 in 1,
Piliguard, and had 5 mls ADE on 26.1.24.
Bull calves are vaccinated twice for 3 Day Sickness.
Price: Cows & Calves $6050 inc. GST or cows only $2900 inc. GST. We are happy to wean the calves & retain them – just selling the cows.

This is an ideal opportunity to start an Angus Stud. The calves on these cows are of exceptional quality.
Our intention to sell these cows & calves in order to reduce high cattle numbers on our 90ha Dorrigo farm.