Tandara has 11 Q Bulls born August/September 2019 available for sale @ $6000 each + GST.

These bulls are by leading sires – Deer Valley All In; Bartel E7; JMB Traction 292; VAR Legend 5019; EWA High Weigh

and the Farrer Sire NFS M17. Five of these bulls are suitable for heifers. All Q bulls are sire verified & have a fertility certificate.

Read the supplementary sheet for a full list of EBV’s.

Tandara’s next on-property sale will be on 3rd September 2021 when remaining Q bulls and over 20 yearling bulls will be on offer.

The R bulls born August/September 2020 are sired by Deer Valley All In; Bartel E7; Keystone; Phoenix; Traction; PowerPoint and the

FARRER Sire NFS M17. They are all sire verified & will be fertility tested prior to being offered for sale.